Is it possible to bet on sports on mobiles from China?

China is a developing country with harsh laws for online gambling games. Even though they are considered as the inventor of gambling and betting, the people who are living in the mainland of China are not allowed to play any online gambling games.

The Chinese players should select the best online gambling website for playing the game. The question arises, is it possible to bet on sports on mobile from China? Yes! You can bet on sports on mobile from China.

Allowed bet types in China

There are two types of betting options available in China. They are pari-mutuel betting and fixed odd bet type.

Pari-mutuel betting

This is one type of betting that is famous among the Chinese players. Here the dividend of bet pool will be divided into winning combinations.

The winners are able to get the winnings based on the pool percentage and the winning stakes. The pool options can be varied based on the online sites and gambling games.

Fixed odd bet type

This type of betting option allows the Chinese player to choose the jockey and target odds. The dividend is calculated based on the fixed odds.

Jockey racing is a type of horse riding betting option that is common in China. In the jockey racing, the betting will be done based on the number of assignments.

You can earn a reward by choosing the jockey which is having higher challenge points during the race duration.

Sports lottery in China

Sports lottery is nothing but sports betting in China. The Chinese players are allowed to play on the pooled bets. In the pooled bets, the expats bet on sports in China can be done. By doing so, they can bet on other county players


The sports lottery is not as popular as online gambling. This is because, in the sports lo

sports lottery in China

ttery, the winnings are not sufficient to return the stake.

In China, if you are finding the legal website for an online gambling game, then you can go for mobile sports betting in China.

The local authorities are taking care of categorizing their players in the online gambling games. The Chinese players can make use of online sports books that are accessible by the locals.

The Bottom lines

Playing online gambling games on mobile is possible in China. Make use of this article, if you need any clarification regarding betting types in jockey racing and sports lottery.