Tips to winning on horse racing in Bangkok

Thailand is more popular for horse racing games rather than this most of the games are banned by the Thailand government.

After this, Bangkok also started this game and the law initiated from the Bangkok government that is the game should take place just once in a week. Here you can see the betting tips for Thailand horse race.

Polish handicapping skills

First, find the right horse that which is the capability to win the game. To understand this, you should have creative knowledge rather than systematic computations.

To know the details just read the daily racing form, so that you can have the ideas to calculate the statistics and figures of every horse. Now, you can give punters a good edge on which horse will do well.

Read the Beyer numbers

Always, find out the Beyer numbers which are the bold numbers in the middle of each DRF. The Beyer numbers indicate the horse performances.

Based on the Beyer numbers you can choose the right horses to the betting. The two numbers of Beyer figures represent the pace and speed of the horse.

Speed projections

You can find a different pace, and speed rate on the bold second number of Beyer figures. It shows the ability of horses and so you can figure out the horse has the winning capability or not.

The players use this technique and they will bet on horse racing in Bangkok.

Note the weather conditions

Notice, the weather conditions before beginning the game. The expert horses also will lose the winning opportunity because of weather conditions, make note of it before to place a bet.

Final thought

Therefore, if you know all the information’s about daily racing forms, your chances of winning will be increased. Make use of this and start online betting on horse racing in Bangkok.

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