Can you go to jail for online gambling in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world which has the most beautiful island. This country follows the other nation’s footsteps to maintain the country well.

In this case, this country banned all the forms of land-based gambling and casinos except the state lottery and horse racing, which is the only form of sports betting games available within the countries.

If the player played the game illegally, it increases the risks of prison for gambling in Thailand.

Choose the legal games to avoid going Jail in Thailand

Many of the visitors come to Thailand for various gambling options. Gambling is one of the hide industries in almost countries and Thailand is no exception.

The Thai lottery game is open to anyone and not for citizens. If gambling is your pleasure and then legal games are advisable to play it.

go to jail


Thailand is known for illegal betting that mostly takes place at sports events. Thai boxing cock and bullfighting, and fish fighting’s popular choices.

If the player chooses the illegal game, and it’s found by the legal officials, the player goes to jail for online gambling in Thailand. According to this, hundreds of players arrested each year because of their illegal bets.

Punishment of illegal game players

The gaming act of Thailand prohibits betting on games only for certain games like casinos. The player does not follow the laws; they have to pay fine approximately 500 to 5000 baht. However certain cases, the player has to stay in jail for one year. So, always put in prison for online gambling.

Final thought

Always place a bet on legal games instead of illegal games. Before playing every game first understand the rules and regulations of games to reduce the risk level.